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WEDDING ALBUMS.... ONLY $50.00 (35.00)

Right from the start you'll see why you should choose us to produce your Wedding Video Presentation. It might be something in the way we do business or our 100% Customer Satisfaction record. It might be because we have more backgrounds and more music. Or it might be because we have more transitions between slides than our nearest rival.

SO.... what you get from us.... Well... that's simple, your video presentation is created from your wedding photographs ( 25 to 30 images ) put together with your choice of background ( we have 15 to choose from ), your choice of music ( we have 15 pieces to choose from ) and then we use a range of transitions ( we have over 540 to choose from ) to expertly produced your presentation, giving you a stunning and lasting recollection of your 'special day'. Our presentations of your wedding images usually last from 4 to 5 minutes...which is longer than our nearest rivals

Showing below is a recent Wedding Video Presentation...

We also provide video presentations for businesses and companies to use television quality adverts on their web and social media sites.

These adverts can be used to promote your products (e.g. new product release) or can be incorporated into your marketing awareness campaigns. The opportunities to use this type of solution are numerous and new sources of delivery are constantly being created.

If you're not using Facebook, Youtube, etc to advertise your business company or product, then you should be. Read this article by Julie Perry to find out why... CLICK HERE to view and then get in touch with 60 Second Adverts

Fullbus offer businesses, just like yours, an unrivaled opportunity to promote themselves in an extremely businesslike, professional and corporate manner. Using the right delivery systems give your company the chance to reach a vast web audience that can have access to your video web advert 24/7.

Contac us to find out how Fullbus can help you and your company take advantage of these exciting and extremely cost effective online marketing solutions.